PTSA Fundraising

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Where does my donation go?

Every student benefits! The Timberline Middle PTSA’s mission is to enrich the learning environment for all our students and create a welcoming atmosphere for all our community. We hope that you will support the Timberline Middle PTSA to accomplish these goals and become members of the PTSA to make sure that your voice is heard! We thank you in advance for your support; we couldn’t do it without your involvement.

Every penny of your annual donations will be used to directly impact the well-being of our Timberline Middle School students, the families of Timberline, our staff, and the community. Take  a look at the programs we hope to support with your generous donations.

Curriculum Enrichment

These programs may include but are not limited to Classroom, Teacher, and Student Grants, STEM Programs, Art Programs, and Field Trips to supplement and support our student’s education and the needs of our teachers and staff.

School Library Fund

As a new school, we hope to help provide books and resources that will help benefit our students.

FACE Programs

Our Family and Community Engagement program will look to provide Parent Education, Speakers, Assemblies, and Discussion Panels on topics that are important to the well-being and growth of our students and community. Our goal is to bring our community together with these events.

Student Scholarships

We want every student to benefit and be able to take part in all programs offered at Timberline. To keep equity, the PTSA looks to provide student scholarships wherever needed.

Staff Appreciation

Your donations to this program will be used directly to support our teachers and staff throughout the year. Our annual goal for this program is $2000, any donations over this amount will be deposited into the general PTSA fund.

Emergency Preparation

Your donations to this program will be used to directly build the supplies of emergency materials for our students. In case of a natural emergency or otherwise, the PTSA helps to support enough food, water, and emergency supplies to keep our students safe.

PTSA Membership Fees

Your membership fees directly impact the programs and events that the PTSA offers to our students. A portion of your membership fees ($8) goes directly to support the Washington State PTSA, a portion ($1) goes directly to support our Lake Washington Council PTSA, while the remaining goes directly to Timberline Middle PTSA.

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