Learn about key financial concepts that will help you build a strong financial foundation!

Our workshop subjects will include:

Banking: Financial institutions are introduced, as well as how they work and how they can be utilized to manage money.

Budgeting: Steps to create a budget that can be used for an individual’s specific needs are covered.

Credit: Concepts surrounding successful credit management are provided. Investing: Investment basics are introduced.

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Join Timberline Middle School PTSA and Financial Beginnings Washington to gain a solid understanding of personal finance essentials through hands-on volunteer instruction and meaningful engagement.


No-Cost Learning Materials: Participants receive a digital resource guide filled with valuable lessons for use during the workshop and on their own.


Registration is open

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Each topic is scheduled for two days a week. Monday (3.15 pm - 4.00 pm ) and Wednesday   (2:30 pm - 3:15 pm)

For answering the quiz (Sample Link here) ,students are suggested to have a secondary screen like mobile phone or computer monitor along with their computer (optional) . Students can also type their answers on chat window.

 All classes will conducted online. Meeting link will be emailed before the class start date.

  •  Banking - 12-Apr and 14-Apr
  • Credit  - 19-Apr and 21-Apr
  • Budgeting - 26-Apr and 28-Apr
  • Investing -3-May and 5-May


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