Math Tutoring Program Registration

The Math Tutoring Program is in full swing! Thank you to the students who join us every Wednesday and to the tutors who help out every week. Thank you to Mr. Garrick Chock, TMS Dean of Students, for helping set up the meeting link and channels, and helping get this program started!

You can join the Tutoring Program anytime! 

Who is this session for?
Open to any current Timberline student (in grades 6,7,8) who are looking for additional help in grade level math, Algebra, or Geometry.

Who are the tutors?
Our current list of tutors includes TMS-approved and LWSD-approved adults and local high school students who have expertise in each area of middle school math.

When are the sessions?
Every Wednesday from 1 - 2pm on Teams.

What kind of help can a student expect?
Tutoring sessions are group sessions, with a minimum of two students in each session. Tutors can guide with any homework or conceptual understanding in grade level math. A student will benefit most if they come to the session with their unanswered questions. We encourage students to take the initiative to ask questions about topics they need help with.

How can a student sign up?
Weekly registration will open every Wednesday from 2pm through Monday 2pm for the next Wednesday's session. Students need to register only once, and can join any week, and will stay on the list until they request removal or do not attend two sessions in a row. 

Registration form remains open from Wednesday 2pm through Monday 2pm for the upcoming Wednesday's session.


Mr. Chock puts together session rosters, assign tutors, and email out the Teams meeting links to students on Tuesday. 

Be sure to check out this great opportunity!