Roll-In Days

During the week of Thursday, June 11 – Thursday, June 18, students/families will be assigned a specific window of time on a specific day (based on last names), to bring back materials and pick-up items at the school.

The school believes maintaining extreme safety using CDC guidance is a critical responsibility of the school. To keep everyone safe and to maintain flow and social distancing of people within the building, about 20 students/families an hour will be scheduled. The school understands that not all students/families will need to stop at all stations. They ask that students refrain from greeting each other through physical contact (like hugs or close proximity) and suggest, when possible, that students wear masks or facial coverings.

Questions about “Roll-In Days can be directed to Ms. Schilaty ([email protected]).

Identify your schedule time by your last name:

  June 11 June 12 June 15 June 16 June 17 June 18
8:00-9:00am A – AK DE – DU JH – JU MO – NAR SHARMA – SI Make Up: A – C
9:00-10:00am AL – AW E – FE K – KE NAS – OR SL – ST Make Up: D – I
10:00-11:00am BA – BE FL – GE KH – KO OS - PE SU – TA Make Up: J – M
11:00am-12:00pm BH – BY GH – GR KR – LE PH – RA TE – TY Make Up: N – SCH
1:00-2:00pm CA – CHE GU – HAN LI – MAH RE – RU U – V Make Up: SCH – Z
2:00-3:00pm CHI – CO HAQ – HO MAL – MAS S – SA W  
3:00-4:00pm CR – DA HU - JE MAT - MI SC – SHANE X – Z  


• PE Locker Pick Up
• Sports Uniform Return
• Yearbook Pick Up
• Instrument Return
• Medication Pick
• Laptop and Book/Materials Return
• Hall Locker Clean Out Check In
• Student Work Pick Up

PTSA Food Drive

To help support families over the summer, the PTSA is holding a food drive during Roll-in Days. The food collected will be packed into family size packs and delivered to families in need by the counselors. As you stop by the school for Roll-in days, please consider donating to the food drive. Note that Pantry Packs will be closed between June 20-Aug 1. For families in need in our community, this support goes a long way!
What can I bring?
  • VEGETARIAN Chili / Ravioli / Spaghettios (7+ gram Protein)
  • Chicken / Tuna in Lightweight Pouches
  • Kid-Liked Soup (Chicken Noodle / Tomato / VEGETARIAN )
  • Cup of Noodles / Top Ramen/ Any VEGETARIAN option
  • Mac-N-Cheese
  • Shelf-Stable Individually Packaged Milk
  • Fruit Cups / Cans / Pouches (no foil lids)
  • Microwave Popcorn
  • Instant Oatmeal / Single-Serving Cereal
  • Granola Bars / Protein Bars (no soft cereal bars)
  • Individually Packaged Pretzels / Crackers
  • Fruit Leather / Snack-Size Dried Fruit
  • To-Go Peanut Butter Pouches / Cups
  • Individually Packaged Trail Mix / Nuts / Jerky
How much do I bring?
While family size is ideal, any quantity is appreciated.
Where do I drop them off?
Look for the food collection bin as you enter the building and drop off your food donations there.
How else can I contribute?
Gift card drive is still on, please bring gift cards to QFC in denominations of $50 or $100 if possible, and drop off with volunteers at the PTSA table.