Helping the TMS Community

Dear Timberline Families,

We thank you for reaching out to help in these unprecedented times. Your PTSA is continuing  to work with the school to determine needs of the families they serve and we will update as frequently as we have new information.

If you are a family in need, please reach out to Timberline school counselors Toby Doyle and Jackie Coons.

If you are a family looking to support, please read below:

How to Help NOW?

There are two ways to donate online:

  • Help the Timberline community - Donate to your PTSA - the PTSA is working with the counselors to ensure our families in need will immediately receive the financial support they need. These funds are from your generous donations to our Pass the Hat program. See below for specific ways in which PTSA provides support.
  • Help the LWSD community - Donate to Pantry Packs - Lake Washington Schools Foundation, which powers Pantry Packs, was forced to cancel its annual fundraising luncheon set for the end of March and is now running a virtual campaign. Consider donating to the fundraiser at if you would like to support the efforts of its worthy programs, including Pantry Packs.

Is it possible to donate to Timberline Middle School either through cash or check?
The school always appreciates these donations. At this time, these funds may take a little longer to be accessible.

How does the PTSA help?
Your TMS PTSA has been working year-round, using your generous donations to work with the school to ensure that our TMS families in need are provided for through our scholarship program, our grants program, our food drives, which includes supporting Pantry Packs. These programs which were already in place, are being used at this very time of need.

You can continue to support our Pass the Hat program by donating using the button below. This program helps to fund many TMS needs including the TMS Help program as well as Pantry Packs through grants to our counseling department. Because we are an official 501c3 charity, these donations may be tax-deductible and can be MATCHED by many companies, which will double your generosity!

Right now, your PTSA is partnering with the school to identify the needs and collaborate the community's efforts.

What else can I do?
Please know that this is a fluid situation and as we know more of further needs from the school, we will communicate them to you as best as we can. Watch our Facebook page and website for updates.

This is a time we invite you to (virtually!) join hands with us. Regardless of whether you are a PTSA member or not, we encourage you to partner with us. As a community, we are stronger and can help channel our combined efforts to best serve those in need.

Stay with us,

Mar 22
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Financial Literacy - Week 3 (Canceled)

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3:10p Financial Literacy - Week 4 (Canceled)
Financial Literacy - Week 4 (Canceled)

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