Your Donations at Work

Every wonder where the money goes after it's donated to the PTSA?

Staff Grants are one of the most important ways PTSA funds are used to support our students' learning. Timberline teachers and staff are able to apply for funding to meet classroom and school needs that would otherwise not be covered by district funding. The amount we are able to provide in grants is directly related to the donations our community makes to the PTSA through our annual Pass The Hat fundraising drive.

Below is a list of some of the projects funded by the TMS PTSA last year. We hope to be able to have at least as big of an impact this year. Please consider donating, and thank you for your generosity!



Science Department: Skeleton

Library: Materials for MakerSpace


6th Grade LA/SS: Books for Classroom Library

(photos coming soon)

Robotics: 2 Robotics Kits

(photos coming soon)

School: Snowblower and Shovels

(photos coming soon)

Science: Spectrum Tube Unit

(photos coming soon)

Physical Education: Gym Mats

(photos coming soon)

Library: T-shirt Press and Supplies

(photos coming soon)

Sustainability: New Composting Program          

The PTSA grant to help launch the school-wide composting program at lunch helped bring a Green Team goal from the inception of TMS to fruition! (Get it? Fruit!).


By providing a compost bin and labeled lid (and signage) at EVERY waste station at lunch, students are able to figure out how to sort their waste. Each week after implementation, composting was able to divert 80% of TMS trash (by weight) to be reused as compost.

Science: Ramps for Vernier Sensor Carts

(photos coming soon)

Book Club: Books & Treats for Participants

(photos coming soon)

Physical Education: Birdies for Badminton Unit

(photos coming soon)

School: Bandaids for Each Classroom

A big "Thank you!" for the Health Room grant. We purchased large boxes of band Aids (100 count/each) for every classroom, plus the gym and the Transition Room. We are hoping to limit the number of students coming to the Health Room for band aids, missing class and disrupting the lesson.
Teacher were really happy to have these in their classroom.

Thank you,
Alina Singereanu
Health Room OP


Science: Outdoor Classroom Kneepads & Clipboards

The sitting mats and clipboards have been a great way to have class outside! The fresh air and nature is both our inspiration in science and makes class more enjoyable!