Matching Volunteer Hours

Matching volunteer hours are part of a corporation giving program and encourages volunteering in communities where employees live and work. Through these programs, companies give donations to non-profit organizations where employees regularly volunteer. When an employee volunteers at a non-profit, the employee submits the hours to their company which turns the time and effort they gave into tangible funds for the charity. Timberline Middle PTSA is eligible to receive volunteering matching hour funds.

Below are details of a few companies in the area with matching programs.  If your company is listed below, please send a request to your company for matching volunteer hours.

    • Volunteer Match: $10 for every 10 hours of volunteer work, with minimum of 25 hours
    • Volunteer Match: $15 per hour volunteered
    • Volunteer Match: $10 per hour volunteered
    • Volunteer Match: $25 per hour volunteered
    • Volunteer Match:
      • 25-49 hours = $250
      • 50-74 hours = $500
      • 75-99 hours = $750
      • 100 + hours = $1000
    • Volunteer Match: $10 per hour volunteered