High School Transition Information

Most of the information found on this page applies to Redmond High School however some pages can be used for any LWSD high school.


Useful Links

Redmond High School Website- https://rhs.lwsd.org/

Redmond HS PTSA Website - https://redmondhsptsa.org/
Subscribe to the RHS PTSA newsletter: https://lp.constantcontactpages.com/su/KKxU2yX/RHSPTSAnewsletter
Follow the RHS PTSA on FB - https://www.facebook.com/redmondhsptsa
Join the Redmond High School parents’ group on FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/531180741477557

Math Pathway Image - https://lwsdcoursecatalog.blob.core.windows.net/splashimages/20.png

Course Registration Information

RHS Course Registration Page - https://rhs.lwsd.org/counseling/course-registration.

The Future 9th Graders tab has lots of information including:

  • RHS 4 Year Planner - Use this to record your Freshman through Senior year course plan
  • Master Course List - this is a list of all the courses offered at RHS next year including which grades are eligible for which courses
  • Online Course Catalog - this is where you can read course descriptions and view prerequisites for courses

The Current RHS Students tab contains a one pager with diploma requirements called LWSD Diploma & General College Admission Overview

The Parent/Guardian Information tab includes an FAQ with questions about course load, course requirements and general high school course questions


Planning Pages

Educational Planning Resources - includes planning pages from a previous RHS course catalog. Good for seeing all 4 years on one page.


8th Grade Transition Kit

The RHS PTSA has put together an information package explaining some of the general items at RHS. This includes clubs, sports, glossary of terms, an FAQ and an outdoor/parking lot map.