Ask the Principal

The following questions were submitted by Timberline parents through the PTSA Family Survey. 
Answers have been kindly provided by Mrs. Spier. 

  • What’s your favorite thing about TMS? What’s one thing you want to change right away?
    • My favorite thing about TMS is the clear focus on the whole student. As an educational instruction, TMS prides itself on meeting not only the academic needs of students, but also the well-being. Students are seen through a developmentally appropriate lens with a great understanding that there is so much in the world that impacts our students.  TMS engages in these processes with intention.
    • I do not plan to implement any sweeping changes right away. What I am asking is that our educators review our current policies, governing documents, and systems to ensure that all students are seen, heard, and engaged. We are actively implementing that work before students enter the building.
  • What is the best way to give feedback or share concerns throughout the year?
    • Email is by far the easiest way. With email I can read in real time and start to plan next steps. Other avenues can be impacted by time and delayed. However, I am happy to talk feedback via phone, PTSA communication, and in person.
  • How is the school addressing mental health?
    • TMS has a robust team that supports mental health. Through the counseling office there are a number of resources that we can employ and provide for families. In addition to this, we rely on district supports that speak to mental health and well-being. We are also working on bringing outside educational opportunities to and for the community.
    • At the building level, we implement our positive behavior intervention system (PBIS) to help give guidelines for student expectations. We are sure our boundaries are transparent so that students feel safe, and we rally around students (teachers, families, other supports) when concerns arise.
  • What school did Mrs. Spier work for before she came to TMS?
    • I have worked in a variety of educational environments (public and private). I started my work at Fairfax and Children’s Hospital in psychiatric care. In LWSD, I started as a paraprofessional at Lakeview Elementary. With my public teaching certification, I largely worked at Kamiakin Middle School.  As a teacher I worked in the special education department. As an administrator, I worked at Finn Hill Middle School and Carson Elementary.
  • How to prepare the kids for college.
    • This work is another component of our counseling office. At the middle school level, we start the High School and Beyond process. More information can be found here: TMS Counseling
  • Where can we get more information about high school?
    • This can be done by connecting with the high school your student will attend. Most of our students will attend Redmond High School. Their counseling department is a great place to connect when learning about high school.  Additionally, the middle school admin will meet with the high school admin to ensure our practices are aligned and that we are setting our students up for a successful transition.