Science Olympiad

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Science Olympiad Winners


Westlake Science Olympiad Invitational, Ohio

Team Elements - overall Rank 6th Place (Super Rank)

Anatomy & Physiology (Arjunn & Dia) - 7th place

Crime Busters (Sanjana & Dia) - 5th place

Dynamic Planet (Aadi & Arjunn) - 6th place

Fossils (Archit & Bohan) - 6th place

Machines - Written test (Rishabh & Siddesh) - 7th place

Machines - Device testing (Rishabh & Siddesh) - 5th place

Ornithology (Noel & Mahima) - 6th place

Road Scholar (Rishabh & Siddesh) - 8th place

Water Quality (Arjunn & Aadi) - 6th place


Gopher Science Olympiad Invitational

Science Squad Overall Team Rank 2

Anatomy & Physiology (Suhani & Kimberly) – 1st place

Circuit Lab (Aadarsh & Ishan) – 1st Place

Heredity (Sreevats & Joshika) – 1st place

Meteorology (Aadarsh & Sreevats) – 2nd place

Disease Detectives (Pragathi & Sachita) – 3rd place

Road Scholar (Naman & Siri) – 3rd place

Reach for the Stars (Shreya & Siri) – 3rd place

Team Ultra Violets:

Dynamic planet (Rashmi & Rushil) – 2nd place

Road scholar (Ronav & Neil) – 2nd place

Water Quality (Joliz & Mekail) – 3rd place

Team Grex Luporum

Heredity (shruti & Samyukta) – 2nd place

Crime Busters (Samyukta & Inaya) – 3rd place

Dynamic Planet (Eric & Vishwa) – 3rd place


Socorro Science Olympiad Invitational

Team Catalyst

Road Scholar  (Edward &Varun) – 3rd place

Ornithology (Rohan & Shivank) – 3rd Place

Crime Busters (Diya & Shaurya) – 4th Place

Team MythBusters

Mission Possible (Isha & Sujay) – 4th Place 


Kenston Science Olympiad Invitational, Ohio

Team Elements – Overall Rank 6th Place

Circuit Lab (Aarjav & Noel) - 3rd place

Dynamic Planet (Aadi & Arjunn) - 4th place

Ornithology (Noel & Mahima) - 4th place

Reach for the Stars (Bohan & Archit ) - 6th place

Water Quality (Arjunn & Aadi ) - 6th place

Team Science Squad

Circuit Lab (Aadarsh & Ishan) – 6th Place

Digital Structure (Alekhya & Rishali) – 6th place


Solon Science Olympiad Invitational, Ohio

Team Elements

Dynamic Planet (Aadi & Arjunn) - 5th place

Water Quality (Arjunn & Aadi) - 8th place

Road Scholar (Rishabh & Siddesh) - 7th place

Write it Cad it (Diya & Mahima) – 4th Place


Stemboost Science Olympiad:

Team Science Squad -Overall Team Rank - 5

Circuit Lab (Adarsh & Ishan) – 7th place

Density Lab (Jyosika & Aditya) – 6th place

Disease Detectives (Pragathi & Sachita) – 8th place

Game On (Nandika & Rishali) – 8th place

Meteorology (Adarsh & Sreevats) – 3rd place

Mission Possible (Naman & Ishan) – 5th Place

Road Scholar (Naman & Siri) – 1st Place

Team Grex Luporum

Dynamic Planet (Eric & Viswa) – 3rd place

Virology (Samyukta & Shruti) – 8th place



Tournament Info 



Date of the Tournament

December -- 2020


Dogen Walton Invitational








Pearl City


Lake Bradlock Secondary School




SO Practice




January -- 2021






Westlake Science Olympiad Invitational


Kenston Science Olympiad Invitational 2021








February -- 2021


Apple Valley - High Desert


Redmond HS


Kennedy Invitational;


Cumberland Invitational (Eagle)


University of Michigan


Mentor Invitational - Ohio




WA regionals - 1


WA regionals - 2




March -- 2021


Marquette University High School




More Info

Science Olympiad (SO) 

Science Olympiad is a middle school and high school team competition in which students compete in events pertaining to various scientific disciplines, including earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.  Competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events; a maximum of 15 team members must cover all 23 science events. The Science Olympiad organization allows a maximum of six teams per school, each team consists of 15 students. This is an intense competitive club and attendance to all events is required.

 Typically teams take part in 3 - 4 invitationals but this year these events are still pending confirmation from the SO organization. Following these invitationals, teams will take part in the Regional tournament. Teams that qualify move on to  State and National tournaments. Currently, all events and tournaments organized by Science Olympiad are scheduled to be online. Depending on the COVID situation, this may change to in-person events later in the year. Any other updates or changes, will be made available as soon as they are posted by the Science Olympiad organization. Decisions on “build projects“ are yet to be finalized. 

Expected tournament timeline - please note these dates are not final! This is an estimated schedule - the final tournament dates and schedule have not yet been released by the Science Olympiad organization. 

  • Invitationals: Dec - March (tournament dates may fall during mid-winter break)
  • Regionals: March - April (tournament dates May fall during spring break)
  • National and State Tournaments: May - June (Only teams who qualify at Regionals move on to State and Nationals) 


 Selection Process :

  • Teams can be formed with a mix of students from 6th, 7th, and 8th graders so that younger students can learn from their experienced teammates and work together as a part of a team.
  • Three TMS teams are designated legacy teams— carryover teams from last year. Any vacancies can be filled by new students.
  • The remaining three teams (approximately 47 spots) will be open to students new to Science Olympiad.
  • All students, returning or new MUST register.
  • Students who are not placed on teams will be placed in a waitlist. If there are dropouts from the teams, the positions can be filled from this waitlist.
  • Team selection will be conducted by the TMS teacher representative; students will be selected based on information provided on the student’s registration form as well as their ability to fully commit and attend all meetings and tournaments.


Payment and Volunteer Approval:

  • Notification of team placement and payment instructions will be sent via email to selected students.
  • Estimated cost per student will be between $50 - $75. (The amount may vary depending on the number of SO teams registered from TMS.)
  • Timberline Middle PTSA membership and LWSD volunteer approval is required for all the parents/ guardians who will be volunteering for the SO events.
  • The success of the Science Olympiad teams depends on the commitment and hard work of students as well as the commitment and support from parent/ guardians volunteers.
  • Without the full support and dedication of these parent/guardian volunteers to take on the roles of coaches and team leaders, we will be unable to form teams.


Terms and Conditions

Please read the PTSA Programs Policy below before registering; this policy has been revised to address COVID and remote learning. 

 All Science Olympiad team meetings (to plan/prepare/study) will need to be only virtual and in compliance with the PTSA Student Programs policy.


Registration Link :  Registration closed.


 If you have any questions about Science Olympiad, please email: [email protected]  or [email protected]

If you have questions regarding need-based scholarships for student participants, please contact the Timberline Counseling office