Frequently Asked Questions

Our 2022-2023 FAQ will be questions and answers through Ask the Principal.
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Last school year's responses are in order of most newest to oldest.

Concern: Bear roaming around by school park is a concern for many parents as they drop kids at times in the morning for school and the place is not guarded.

Response:  Morning Arrival and Dismissal Procedures: We need your help to keep everyone safe:
To keep students at TMS safe as all times, I am requesting the following critical commitments from families:

  • Help make sure students are safely supervised: do not arrive before 8:00AM. Timberline staff are able to provide morning supervision and traffic crossing between 8:00-8:25AM.
  • Please drive the speed limit and watch for crossing traffic. We have noticed an increase in the number of cars speeding in the drive loop and within designated school zones.  
  • Only use the drop off loop to drop off students. It is extremely unsafe and illegal to drop off students on the sidewalks of Cedar Park Crescent or Redmond Ridge Drive. We’ve had several walkers and bikers almost come in contact with cars because of these dangerous mistakes.
  • When dropping off students/picking them up in the drive loop by car, please pull forward and stay in your car. Drivers should maintain 2-4 feet between cars. Please DO NOT leave big gaps between cars. Students should leave your car or enter your car from the sidewalk side of the car ONLY. When picking up, remind your student to wait on the sidewalk where they can see you/watch for you.  Drivers should remain inside the car AT ALL TIMES.
    Drive on the right side of the road. DO NOT DRIVE ON INCOMING TRAFFIC LANES to get around traffic (near the parking lot).
  • Watch carefully for students and families walking in the parking lot and across designated crosswalks. DO NOT PARK ACROSS THE CROSSWALKS AT ANYTIME- especially when waiting in the traffic line (please always leave a space).
    Help reinforce safety rules with your child if they walk or ride their bike: Walkers should always stay on sidewalks and bikers should wear helmets and travel only within designated biking lanes. Both walkers and bikers should cross main intersections at designated points with flagging crossing guards. When crossing these areas, it is important that students and families follow the directions of the crossing guards. Do not cross until you have been directed to do so.

Q. What is the value of SBA testing and can I opt my student out of it?

A. Timberline Families and Students, we are grateful to you for entrusting us with the learning and growth of your student.  There are a variety of ways in which our school measures student learning, growth, and progress toward standards. The most common way is through each classroom where students are assessed and awarded individual grades by teachers.  Within our departments, teachers will use common assessments across their same classes.  The information which teachers are able to gather from common assessments influences their teaching and can help them make adjustments to improve student learning.  
State assessments (Math and ELA SBA, WCAS) are another type of common assessment we use to measure student learning, growth, and progress toward grade level standards in Math, Reading, Writing, and Science.  The information from student performance on these state tests impacts important placement decisions for students in their classes: 
It can qualify a student for advancement in their math pathway 
It is another measure to show students are on track and performing at grade level 
It helps generate teachers and placement in co-taught support classes if a student is in need of additional learning supports.   
It can provide scores to help exit students from IEP services or gain access 
Without this annual measure in the spring, it can prevent the school from appropriately serving students in their individual needs.   
As a school and district, we value students being appropriately challenged in their learning.  The use of SBA data is a critical piece of information to ensure we are appropriately serving each student here at TMS. With state testing a little less than two months away, we greatly encourage students to participate. 

Q. Holiday season is coming. We are planning travels, will there any be restrictions, quarantine requirements after travel back from out of WA? Thanks! 

A. We continue to follow the Washington State requirement ( Currently, there is no quarantine requirement for vaccinated people, but please check the website for the latest updates. After travel, please self-monitor for COVID symptoms. If you develop symptoms or come in contact with someone who has COVID, please get tested and follow quarantine procedures.

(Updated Response on 11/11/2021)

Q. Can we get someone for traffic control at the entrance during drop-off and pick-up?

A. We do usually have a School Resource Officer (SRO) directing traffic. It’s been requested that SRO direct traffic for longer in the morning, and he has been advised of ongoing community concern with the traffic situation. Note that sometimes the SRO may not be around to direct traffic due to other emergencies. In addition, there was some negative driver behavior at the roundabout that the SRO had to address, and that takes him away from the turn-in to the school.

Given that Timberline was designed to be a walking school with majority of the students living within a mile of the school, driveways and parking spaces were not designed to accommodate the flow we are seeing now. Please consider alternative drop-off/pick-up locations at the ball fields north of the Timberline campus or at the park and ride lot next to Rosa Parks Elementary. For additional suggestions and tips, please see previous Q&A on drop-off and pick-ups.

Q. When can we expect our spirit wear items to arrive? 

A. Message from Logo House - Your orders are coming.  Issues with inventories, longer ship times, and reductions in worker numbers have all contributed to a much longer overall "turn time" on these custom orders.  We are expecting that orders will begin shipping next week and into the following week.  In some cases where inventory shortages continue to hold back orders, we will contact customers directly to offer a refund and/or an alternative garment.  We appreciate your patience and understand this has taken longer than anticipated.

Q. Can the school provide some sample questions from the Healthy Youth Survey?

A. The survey is run through the state Department of Health with the purpose being to use information to create support and programs to reduce student risk/risky behavior. Participation in the survey is voluntary and the students’ answers are anonymous. We are unable to share survey questions in a newsletter, per Healthy Youth Survey guidelines.  If a parent would like to view the questions, we have hard copies for them to view in the office.            

The survey was given to students in Grades 6 and 8. The Healthy Youth survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, sexual behaviors, abuse, risk and protective factors, and access to school-based services. Survey results are used by schools, communities and state agencies to plan programs to support our youth and reduce their risks.

You can get more information about the Healthy Youth Survey using any of the following methods of contact: 
healthy.[email protected] 

Q. Is it possible for students to stay after school to do homework? For example, could they use the library on Wednesdays?

A. Wednesday afternoons are contractual work times for certificated staff to participate in professional learning, collaboration, and improving practice. This is why there are no school activities on Wednesday afternoons for students. We are not able to provide supervision of students during this time because of contractual agreements. At this time we are wanting to limit the amount of time students are on campus before and after the school day, unless by teacher appointment, club or athletic team participation.          

Q. Is there a way to access recordings of the teacher presentations from curriculum night instead of emailing each teacher?

A. The system was overwhelmed from the fantastic participation of teachers and families during curriculum night so no recording was possible. Please do reach out to the teachers from whom you would like to view the presentation, or to meet with them regarding your student’s class work and expectations. We’re so excited for everyone’s participation even though it’s brought a few technology challenges.

Here is the Administration presentation from Curriculum Night for those who missed it.

Q. If a student misses school for illness that is NOT COVID, what support is available for them?

A. Unfortunately, there are too many competing needs to be able to meet them all. Because teachers have full classrooms, they cannot offer virtual instruction while teaching in-person students. The hybrid option from last year isn’t feasible in an in-person setting. On a case by case basis, teachers can offer students observe virtually or have a “look-in” virtual experience. Teachers will not be able to respond to a virtual student. To request virtual support, please have your student email their counselor.

Q. We received questions and suggestions about making the drop off and pick up work more smoothly at Timberline.

A. Here’s some options and information addressing the concerns:

  • Students can be picked up from or dropped off at the ball fields north of the Timberline campus. There are crossing guards to assist students with safe crossings onto and off the Timberline campus
  • When using the loop on campus, have your student ready to get out including mask ready ahead of time.
  • The drop off/pick up zone is located between the flag poles and the lane merge for exiting the loop. Do not drop off students at the beginning or middle of the loop. Pull all the way forward, past the flag poles, and up to the merge of the two lanes, by the white arrow.
  • Leave only two to five feet between your car and the car in front of you. We need to maximize the number of cars in the drop off/pick up zone!
  • Unfortunately, the doors to the school cannot be opened any earlier due to Covid safety protocols and lack of supervision.


As always, if you have further questions, please feel free to email me ([email protected]).