Frequently Asked Questions



Students were given a survey on Oct 12 to complete.  Was this an optional survey and if so, how were they told that?

Information about this district level survey went out to parents in Week 6 bulletin.

Message from October 5th: Social-Emotional Learning Survey

“As you may already be aware, growing the students’ social-emotional (SEL) skills is an important goal for our school. As part of these activities, the district requests that schools survey students (grades 3-12) and ask them to reflect on their own mindsets and approaches to learning. The survey is optional and the data is used internally to help our staff identify needs and plan for opportunities for growth and development with the students. The school partners with a leader in the SEL space, Panorama Education. Panorama develops tools to empower schools and districts to learn about students’ self-perceptions, better understand student experiences in their learning environment, and identify opportunities to enhance support of teachers and counselors as they implement SEL programs.
Panorama’s SEL survey is grouped into three categories:

  • Student competencies
  • Student supports and environment
  • Teacher skills and perspectives”

Students took this survey during PACK Time on October 12. If you have questions about the survey, please email your child’s counselor.


I understand you are hosing month community opportunities for black students.  Can you tell me when there will be similar activities for white or American students?  Given the tone in the main stream media and within the subtle bias of the LWSD curriculum and school environment, both of these groups of students are experiencing concerning stress over things out of their control.  

At Timberline, we believe every student matters – and therefore the story of every student matters. We also believe that the staff, students and parents hold a collective responsibility to creating an inclusive school environment.  Aligned with the district’s equity goals, the school’s role is to provide an opportunity to learn about people who are different from us. This is one of the reasons why we have launched this year’s campaign – This is My Story. The goal of this campaign is to provide opportunity for us all to learn about differences or people who have different stories from our own (this is not limited to the support or focus on black students specifically). Some of the differences may include (and not be limited to) language, gender, age, race, physical ability, and economic status.


This summer, some of our black families (and families of black students) reached out to the Redmond Ridge schools regarding a desire to create a more inclusive environment and more specifically, ways for these families to build support networks. As a lesser represented population, these families are seeking connection, inclusion, and safe venues for conversation. These same families, on their own, initiated a grassroots effort with request for an affinity group specific to their needs. Through partnership with our district’s equity director, Gloria Henderson, the Redmond Ridge Affinity group was formed for all families who are raising black students. This group is being facilitated by families who initiated the original interest and will also be supported by district guidance.


The district did not organize this group specifically, however, we see the value in opportunity. If other families seek to begin their own affinity group related to a shared characteristic, difference of another race, or other differing factors, as a method to grow inclusive practice, nurture connection, and help to create a more safe community where people’s stories are understood, it would be in their right to do so.  If you have additional questions please email Gloria Henderson (LWSD Equity Director: [email protected]   or Heidi Paul (principal: [email protected]


The district website ( says that school ends on Wednesdays at 2:00 and Wednesdays are normally 1.5 hours shorter which would be 2:00. Why does your schedule end at 2:30? I understand it is a work at home day but I would like to schedule things outside of school hours would like to understand the discrepancy.

This is an error on Timberline schedule, the school has updated the website and documents.  


Will attendance be taken on Wednesdays? 

Attendance is taken every day- including Wednesdays

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday- students are marked present during live instruction
  • Wednesday- students are marked present by logging into Microsoft Teams
  • Absences should be reported through the attendance line or website link

Whether we are in school, physically or remotely, attendance will be taken every school day. Attendance will be marked daily in Skyward and students are expected to be present in each class every school day. On Wednesdays, students do not have a scheduled class but are given work by their teachers are still expected to log on to Teams. We understand that many of our students at Timberline may have their work completed ahead of time, but due to state requirement and OSPI guidance, they are expected to log on to Teams even on Wednesdays to ensure we keep an accurate account of their attendance.


Can you please consider to move Flex and PACK time to the end of day (Ex: 1:15-2pm)? 

The daily scheduling is set up to be synchronized with other LWSD middle schools. Flex time is also a time for teachers to pull in students to work with them individually, opportunities to differentiate needs to be provided in the morning.  


Why is there a fence around the track?  Many neighbors use the track in the afternoon and on weekends for exercise - all properly social distancing.  

Through a 1 year warranty check of Timberline Middle School new building, an outside inspection contractor identified that our track needed some work. Work will include rubberizing the long jump and triple jump pits as well as provide paving and fence at shot put area. Unfortunately, the contractor believed that this work would not impact the community because in-person school is not in session. We know that the fences placed unexpectedly without any communication to the school or community caused frustrations. This is understandable and especially true if you like to use the outdoor facilities during non-school hours. 

Update as of Oct 12,2020:Timberline track is expected to be closed until December 11th. Track improvements include rubberizing repairs and adding to the long jump / triple jump pits as well as paving  and fence work at shot put area. We know this timeline is not ideal and thank you in advance for your patience. 


What type of training or professional development will be given (or is planned) for staff around issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion? 

At Timberline, we believe every student matters - the story of every student matters. The staff, students and parents hold a collective responsibility to create an inclusive school environment. Timberline staff will receive regular equity trainings to guide our own understanding and cultural sensitivity, and participate in the building’s Equity Committee .

The school’s role is to provide an opportunity to learn about people who are different from us. Launching the year long campaign – This is My Story will guide inclusion with a collective responsibility.